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Customer Service Manager

Menno van der Kooij 

The staff here like their jobs and feel that they’re part of one big family that wants to make a difference and that believes in what we say, do and offer.”


Testimonial by Menno van der Kooij

Job title: Customer Service Manager

Employed since: 2007

Workplace: Ecophon Netherlands


Menno’s role has several areas of responsibility. He is in charge of customer service, works with project coordination and is a member of the local management group.

Has had scope for development

“Here at Ecophon I’ve been given the scope and opportunity for further development, and I think there’s room for more growth in my present role. When I feel the time is right for advancement, it seems there’s a good chance that Ecophon will be able to offer me a new challenge.

Ecophon is a good employer

I came to Ecophon because I wanted to work in an international environment in a high-ranking company. Even during my first interview I could sense the positive atmosphere and the staff’s enthusiasm, and I felt pretty much at home.

Experience has taught me that Ecophon is a company that considers it important to invest in training and the development of people as well as products.

What makes me proud of working here is that we really do want our products to make a difference.

To anyone wondering whether they’d like to work with us

I would just like to say that Ecophon is a company that takes excellent care of its staff, giving you the opportunity to grow and develop. In addition, you get the freedom to achieve your goals in the best possible way, and the company is open to good ideas.”




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Contact the HR department