How does glass wool help both nature and people thrive?

Follow our journey toward complete sustainability on our new web page. Along the way, you’ll learn about eco-friendly raw materials, turning waste into new products and bringing the natural sound of the great outdoors inside.
New Ecophon Advantage™

New Ecophon Advantage™ - great value guaranteed

With the new Ecophon Advantage we have managed to find ways to get premium benefits into a lower-priced system. The surface has been improved and we have introduced our plant-based binder making this system more environmentally friendly than previously.

New Ecophon Master™ Matrix - a perfect match for larger spaces and TABS

Introducing Ecophon Master Matrix; our new system that provides graceful precision suitable for large spaces and buildings where, for different reasons, a wall-to-wall ceiling is not possible like for example in TABS buildings.

The right acoustic absorbers for healthcare premises

With Ecophon's extensive offer, a good sound environment can be combined with the strict regulations of healthcare facilities. We provide you with a convenient overview to guide you to the right products.

Ecophon Akusto™

Ecophon Wall Panel changes name to Ecophon Akusto Wall and is joined by our brand new acoustic screen. We give you ten of the top reasons to choose Akusto in your next project, check them out here.

Acoustic solutions for TABS

Don’t feel restricted when you design the interior of a TABS building, it's an opportunity to create an inspiring atmosphere that enhances wellbeing and performance.

Welcome to a world of good acoustics!

Soundlight Comfort Ceiling

Ecophon has partnered with Philips to bring you Soundlight Comfort Ceiling - a unique, integrated light and acoustic ceiling system that offers the ultimate in ceiling integration. The positive outcomes from sound and light comfort creates synergies that have beneficial effects on people's wellbeing and efficiency. 

Ecophon Solo™

Available in a lot of different shapes and sizes, various timeless and trendy colours, suspended from the ceiling and now also on walls; Solo offers endless design options that are sure to be both eye-catching and provide excellent Class A sound absorption.

Direct fixing - the quick and simple solution

It is not always possible to install a traditional suspended acoustic ceiling, yet the sound environment has to be improved for the people using the room. Direct mounting by screw or glue could be the quick and easy answer.

Ecophon Master Rigid - because every classroom needs optimised acoustics

Studies have found a link between the sound environment in classrooms and students' performance. Find out how our flexible Master Rigid systems can be adapted to suit your classroom needs.
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