Ecophon Lighting
Light Coffer
System range
Size, mm
2400x2400 3600x2400 3600x3600 4800x2400 4800x3600 4800x4800 6000x3600 6000x4800
Special Fixing
Thickness 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20
Inst. Diagr. M228 M228 M228 M228 M228 M228 M228 M228
System and product description
Ecophon Light Coffer can be used for general lighting, for lighting in a special area, or as an aesthetic part of the ceiling. The light coffer with its indirect lighting ,creates an even and harmonious illumination of the room. If coffers are used for general lighting in large rooms with many workstations, they should be supplemented with luminaires around the coffers. Ecophon Light Coffer consists of two different parts, each with different functions.

• Uplight extrusion: White powder coated aluminium extrusion containing the gear tray.

• Acoustic ceiling: Ecophon Focus E tiles and curved coffer panels with Akutex™ FT surface, installed in Ecophon Connect grid system.

This provides good acoustic properties in combination with excellent light diffusion and light reflection.
Technical properties
Electrical data: 230-240V, 50 Hz, power factor cos φ>0,9. Electronic ballast as a standard. The system can also be supplied with a special electronic ballast for regulation (digital). Gear tray is made for 1x28W or 1x35W T5, light source not included.
Connection: The gear trays are positioned and fixed in the WingLight housing and wired to each other via an instant connection 3x1,5 mm². The first gear tray is connected with a hard-wired connection.
Electrical approvals: IP20, Class 1.
Approvals Common
Accessibility: The Focus E panel/s in the middle and adjacent panels are demountable. The curved coffer panels can be exchanged.
Cleanability: Daily dusting and vacuum cleaning. Weekly wet wiping.
Visual appearance: White Frost, nearest NCS colour sample S 0500-N, 85% light reflectance (of which more than 99% is diffuse reflection). Retro reflection coefficient 63 mcd/(m²lx). Gloss < 1.
Indoor Climate: Certified by the Indoor Climate Labelling, emission class M1 for building materials and recommended by the Swedish Asthma and Allergy Association.
Environmental influence: Granted the Nordic Swan eco-label. Fully recyclable.
Fire safety: See table
Country Class Standard
Europe EN 13501-1 B-s1,d0
Installation: Installed according to installation diagrams, installation guides and drawing aid. For information regarding minimum overall depth of system see quantity specification.
Lighting performance:
Ecophon Light Coffer 24x24

Ecophon Light Coffer 36x24

Ecophon Light Coffer 36x36

Light Coffer Isolux Description: The lighting values are an indication of the illumination obtained from a Light Coffer. The values are obtained in a test room with a ceiling height of 3 m and a total area of 100 m², which is big enough to ensure that the reflection from walls is not dominant. The measurements level is 0,85 m above the floor which corresponds to a normal work place. The room has an Ecophon ceiling with 84% light reflectance. The reflectance of the floor is 20% and that of the walls is 50%. The maintenance factor is 0,85.
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