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Exploring a vertical art variety

A complement to acoustic ceilings, Ecophon Akusto solves acoustic challenges whilst also providing opportunities to follow current trends in design and installation. An array of colours and different textured finishes ensure that Akusto is suitable for a range of applications.

Akusto inspiration!
Explore the possibilities using a vertical art variety with Ecophon Akusto that follow current trends in design and installation. Be inspired by our references and case studies from all over the world.
Akusto™ Wall A
Visible profiles. Panel width 1200 mm.
Available sizes, mm

Akusto™ Wall C
Concealed panel connection. Panel width 600 mm.
Available sizes, mm

Akusto™ Screen A
Free standing
Available sizes, mm

Akusto™ One SQ
Panel for wall applications, shaped as a square, rectangle and circle.
Available sizes, mm

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