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Experiencing freedom of expression

The ever trend-sensitive Ecophon Solo comes in several shapes and sizes, allowing freedom of design and the opportunity to create striking new expressions whilst also keeping up-to-speed with sustainable architectural developments.

Solo inspiration!
Solo offers endless design options that are sure to be both eye catching and provide excellent sound absorption. whatever your reason for choosing a Solo installation, be it practical, environmental or acoustic reasons, rest assured that you will be spoilt for choice in terms of design possibilities. Be inspired by our references and case studies from all over the world.
Solo™ Square
Free hanging unit, square shaped
Available sizes, mm

Solo™ Rectangle
Free hanging unit, rectangular shaped
Available sizes, mm

Solo™ Circle
Free hanging unit, circular
Available sizes, mm

Solo™ Circle XL
Free hanging unit, circular (two parts)
Available sizes, mm

Solo™ Ellipse
Free hanging unit, elliptical
Available sizes, mm

Solo™ Octagon
Free hanging unit, octagon shaped
Available sizes, mm

Solo™ Heptagon
Free hanging unit, heptagonal
Available sizes, mm

Solo™ Hexagon
Free hanging unit, hexagonal
Available sizes, mm

Solo™ Pentagon
Free hanging unit, pentagonal
Available sizes, mm

Solo™ Triangle
Free hanging unit, triangular
Available sizes, mm

Solo™ Baffle
Vertically installed unframed baffles.
Available sizes, mm

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