Grelhas Connect™

Our grids are generally made up of Connect Main Runner and Connect Cross Tee, which are roll-formed with a body of galvanized steel and also capped with galvanized steel. Every single component has a well-adjusted bearing capacity so that the system as a whole meets the most stringent demands.

Connect Main runnerConnect Main Runner

The rigid Connect Main Runner has extra torsional strength and stability for a safe installation and excellent load bearing capacity. It has a unique narrow V-shaped spine which facilitates mounting of tiles etc. and allows quick installation of lay-in tiles, resulting in less damage. The design improves the performance and safety of the clips, hanger mountings, direct mountings etc.

Connect Cross teeConnect Cross Tee

Connect Cross Tee has a patented, easy to use coupling. An audible click signals when the Connect Cross Tee is in correct position in the Connect Main Runner. The coupling contributes to a safe installation which is easy to demount. There is a long support lip in the coupling for quick fixing, which gives a firm, safe and non-twisted coupling. 

Capping widths and colours

Connect™ grids are available in three different widths; 15 mm, 24 mm and 35 mm, named T15, T24 and T35. You can choose between three standard colours; white, grey and black. 

Grid systems for corrosive environments

Connect™ offers two different types of grid systems for corrosive environments:

  • C3: Connect T24 C3 grid is manufactured from lacquered galvanized specially treated steel with a high corrosion resistance. Connect™ accessories and profiles are available in C3 class. Download C3 product information (pdf). 

  • C4: Connect T24 C4 grid is made of acid-proof high performance austenitic stainless steel, which has a very good resistance to uniform corrosion, pitting, crevice and stress corrosion. Connect™ offer profiles and accessories in stainless steel as well.