Mai-Britt Beldam

Job title: Global Concept Developer, Healthcare sector

Employed since: 2007

Workplace: Ecophon Hyllinge, Sweden


I have never worked in any other company that puts so much effort into doing their absolute best for the end users.

Mai-Britt spreads her knowledge

Mai-Britt started in inside sales at Ecophon in Denmark, and after four years in the sales department progressed to concept development; first as Local Concept Developer Educational premises and then she advanced to a position as Global Concept Developer Healthcare at the headquarter in Sweden. 

“For me, concept development is about market development. Fortunately, this relates to improving people’s wellbeing in places where they work, communicate, interact, rest and recover.  

I strive to be as good as possible at understanding what the optimal sound environment should be for our end users – for adults as well as children, staff as well as patients and residents. I also pass my knowledge on to the important decision makers in my segment, so that they too are made aware of the importance of sound in people’s everyday lives.

When you make a difference everything becomes meaningful!

I have never been asked – after having performed acoustic treatment - to restore the original sound status.  We always receive positive feedback on completion of a project, as people benefit from the new situation.Many of us are proud of our work being able to make a difference, and I find that there are enthusiasts in all units of the company.

It’s a pleasure to be part of a knowledge organisation

Ecophon has a huge number of extremely competent employees and, if you don’t have an answer yourself, there’s always someone else who does; if not in Sweden, we’ll find the answer somewhere else in the organisation.

My future at Ecophon

As long as we focus on people, as long as we do our best, and as long as I feel I can develop here – that’s how long Ecophon is an interesting workplace for me."