Process Engineer

Lisa Andersson

The atmosphere at Ecophon is distinguished by everyone working for the company’s best and so that we can be at the forefront of the industry’s product development.”


Testimonial by Lisa Andersson

Job title: Process Engineer

Employed since: 2007

Workplace: Ecophon Hyllinge Sweden


Chemical engineer who works with process development

Lisa works as Project Leader in process and project development. Prior to that she was Chemical Engineer in Ecophon’s chemistry department, where she developed new products.

“Now I mainly do preliminary studies and lead investment projects. These pre-studies and projects are conducted to improve our production and make it safer, and also to increase productivity. I’m also involved in drawing up proposals for new projects where improvements are needed in production line machinery.

Ecophon makes a difference to the work environment

The best thing about my job is seeing the development of the production lines, as well as all our great colleagues and the knowledge that our products make a difference to the work environment where they are used.

An important employer aspect for me is that Ecophon has a focus on safety, environment and health, demonstrating that they care about their employees.

Ecophon offers opportunities

Something I felt was positive whenI started at Ecophon was the opportunity for professional development within the company, and the chance to go on training courses. Another great bonus here is the flexibility.”