Katrin Andersson

Job title: Production Technician

Employed since: 1995

Workplace: Ecophon Hyllinge, Sweden


Ecophon staff have a great feeling of commitment and that makes working here a pleasure.

Katrin took the chance to grow within Ecophon

Her journey started at one of the production lines and now, several years and 4 positions later, Katrin Andersson is Production Technician, Mechanics, in our World Class Manufacturing (WCM) unit.

“My work consists of running as well as participating in production projects. They are usually WCM projects, both improvement projects and maintenance projects. I also do CAD drawings when required for certain projects I’m involved in and for some of our production equipment. The best thing about my job is that I’m always being faced with new challenges.

I landed at Ecophon completely by chance as I had had to give up harness racing for health reasons. But I never regret having taken that chance.

Opportunity by in-house recruitment

Ecophon is a company that really invests in its employees, both as regards training and position. I feel that in-house recruitment is important in order to keep and develop people, and to disperse knowledge throughout the organization. I myself have been able to experience this."