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Environment, Health & Safety

"Environment and safety are areas of prime concern for us. We safeguard our employees' well-being and health by making continuous improvements to our working environment. Environmental issues are increasingly important and are taking over more and more of our day-to-day work.” Francesco Cremona, EHS Manager Ecophon Group

EHS charter

One of the most prominent features of the Saint-Gobain Group is to guarantee an environment of health and safety to all the employees.

The sustainable progress of the prevention and results in those matters is not only a legal requirement but even an important objective for the Group and the Delegation.

The guarantee of Safety is the responsibility of everyone and an important work for the management of each site.

Link to the EHS charter


Ecophon Safety Policy

Every day, all of us in the Ecophon Group are actively committed to these principles and are acting accordingly.

  • Safety and success go hand in hand.

  • No employee or outside contractor should be exposed to any physical risk, which means that no task is prioritised before safety.

  • You are responsible for preventing accidents and incidents.

  • Managers and leaders will set good examples.

  • Safety concerns everyone – and is essential at Ecophon.



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