Akusto One press release

Press release

Hyllinge, Sweden
February 29, 2016

New innovation for healthier workplaces

On February 29, 2016 Ecophon launches its new range of vertical sound absorbers – Ecophon Akusto™ One. Complementing the existing sound-absorbing wall panels and screens, Akusto One are smaller absorbers that fit in basically any type of indoor environment. The plentiful options of shapes, sizes, surfaces and colours will help architects and interior designers to achieve the atmosphere they strive for.

“Akusto One is a unique product range. It fills a void in the market, where you previously had to choose between large really good sound absorbers, or less good sound absorbers with a plethora of design options. Now you can have both design and absorption. And to top it off, they’re as easy to install as it is hanging a painting on the wall.”

Staffan Nilsson, Product Range Manager at Ecophon

Complementing ceilings by adding new functions

The first step in creating a healthy and productive sound environment is to have a highly sound-absorbing wall-to-wall ceiling. This reduces the overall sound level and keeps sound from spreading. But bare walls will still bounce sound back and forth, creating echoes that amplify talk into chatter, and discussions into noise.

“Our vertical absorbers take care of these echoes and improve speech clarity tremendously. Meaning, children in a classroom can hear the teacher and each other, office workers can easily have conversations without disturbing co-workers, and hospital staff can more easily hear important information about patients, treatments and dosages,” says Colin Campbell, Central Concept Developer at Ecophon.

Tested, certified and recyclable

As a supplier to the construction industry, where detailed facts on all aspects of a product’s life cycle is part of day-to-day business, Ecophon continuously test all products to make sure they meet the toughest indoor standards and certifications. These standards are not to the same extent addressed in the interior design and furniture market.

“The rigorous testing means that we know exactly how beneficial our products are to the indoor environment. We are very proud that our absorbers can be recycled and meet standards like the French VOC A+ and the Californian Emission Regulation. We are even recommended by the Swedish Asthma and Allergy Association,” says Anna Palminger, Environmental Specialist at Ecophon.

Further information

For more information, please visit ecophon.com or contact:

Staffan Nilsson, Product Range Manager, staffan.nilsson@ecophon.se, +46 42-17 99 41

Colin Campbell, Central Concept Developer, colin.campbell@ecophon.se, +46 42-17 98 95

Anna Palminger, Environmental Specialist, anna.palminger@ecophon.se, +46 42-17 99 09