Akusto One

Be inspired by well-known Swedish designer Maria Westerberg's creative Akusto One installation.


Akusto One - a winning concept

Akusto One is our new series of flexible sound absorbers in smaller dimensions, all 40 mm in depth. With Akusto One you create innovative designs and patterns on the wall, which you can vary with white or grey painted edges. It is available in different sizes, shapes and in a variety of colours, making the creative possibilities almost endless! 

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A work of art 

Characteristic for Akusto One is the focus on both design and flexibility. It’s easy to combine the different sizes, shapes and colours to create the right atmosphere. Akusto One is available in both the Texona and the Akutex™ FT surface, which offers a wide range of colours. It is also possible to print on Akusto products. However, to maintain optimum acoustic properties we recommend you to contact a knowledgeable local printer for advice.

Texona Colour range



Explore our complete vertical range

Akusto One is part of the Ecophon Akusto™ family. The Akusto range consists of three different kinds of vertical sound absorbers, all of them with great acoustic properties. Akusto is the perfect complement to an acoustic ceiling in environments where a full covering ceiling isn't sufficient on it's own to create a good sound environment. But it's also great to use as a creative design element.

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Effortless installation

Using Ecophon high-density glass wool means that Akusto panels are very lightweight but at the same time robust, which makes installations easy and effortless. There are three different ways of installing Akusto One: 

When precision is key


Making a statement


As easy as can be


Connect One trim is a metal list that you screw to the wall. The ends have a cut out V-form. They act as holders for two Connect Absorber anchor one, which are screwed into the backside of the panel.

Connect One fixing is an easy way of mounting Akusto One panels. Screw the holder to the wall, cut a hole in the panel and thread it onto the holder. Secure the panel with a knob that comes in multiple colours.

Connect One hook fixing is a metal plate with two hooks. Screw the plate to the wall, then press the panel onto the hooks. Round and square 600 mm panels require only one Connect One hook fixing, all others require two.

 Watch installation video  Watch installation video

 Watch installation video