Connect One-point fixing

Connect™ One-point fixing – for Ecophon Solo™ installations

Connect One-point fixing is a new unique solution for suspending Solo panels. The Connect One-point fixing has a discrete design made of aluminum. Connect One-point fixing is used together with Connect Absorber anchor and Connect Adjustable wire hangers. 

With Connect One-point fixing the amount of fixations in the soffit will be reduced with 65-75% depending of which panel that is installed. Connect Absorber anchor enables the possibility to install Ecophon Solo with fewer fixations in the soffit. Connect One-point fixing is patent pending.

  • Reducing the amount of fixings
  • Reducing the amount of adjustable wire hangers
  • Reducing the installation time
  • Neat and nice result of the installation
  • Unique solution (patent pending)

Connect One-point fixing is compatible with: 
Solo™ Square
Solo™ Rectangle
Solo™ Circle