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Acoustic Bulletin™ - the home of room acoustic knowledge

Acoustic Bulletin™ - the home of room acoustic knowledge

Acoustic Bulletin is a global platform where end users, architects and acoustcians can access knowledge, opinions and solutions for room acoustic design.

Acoustic Bulletin screenshotAt Ecophon, we spend a lot of time, effort and resources on gaining new knowledge in room acoustics and how it affects us; either by conducting our own studies and research projects, or by monitoring and collating research done by others. It’s something we’ve been doing since the late 50s and something we’re very passionate about.

We have some 25 people across the world dedicated to doing just that. In fact, they do nothing but study room acoustics, discuss room acoustics and educate other people in the importance of room acoustics. They are our experts and champions!

Our blog, Acoustic Bulletin, is the home for all this knowledge. That’s where we:

  • share research results
  • analyse trends
  • discuss building standards
  • present learnings from case studies 
  • invite guest bloggers from around the world to share their expertise and viewpoints

Dating back to 2005, you’re bound to find what you’re looking for in our ample archive. Stay up to speed by subscribing to the Acoustic Bulletin newsletter, or join the conversations in social media on Twitter or LinkedIn 

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