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Connect™ Bridging

Connect Bridging is a simple solution for integration of lighting products, signs, smoke detectors etc. With this solution there will be no deflection of the tiles.

Connect Bridging clipThe solution consists of Connect Bridging profile and Connect Bridging clip (image). The weight of the installation will be transferred to the grid, and there will be no load on the tile. The profiles and clips are easy to mount between any of the T-profiles in a Connect grid system and can take loads up to 30 N (3kg).

Connect Bridging is adjustable to fit integrations with different dimensions. The profile is manufactured from galvanized steel and the clip from stainless steel.

The many benefits of using Connect Bridging include:

  • Easy to mount
  • No loads on the tile
  • Can take loads up to 30 N
  • Adjustable to fit many integrations
  • Unique solution (patented)

 Examples of different Connect Bridging solutions

Connect Bridging solutionConnect Bridging solutionConnect Bridging solution

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