Connect™ profiles

Connect™ profiles are a great compliment to the grid system and allow you to achieve an appealing finish.  

Profiles for Ecophon ceilings


Connect angle trim and Connect Shadow lineWall trims

To create a neat finish, you might like to consider one of our most popular trims: 

Connect Angle Trim, the classic L-shaped wall trim,
Connect Shadow Line Trim which gives you a shadow effect against the wall,
Connect Channel Trim, a U-shaped wall trim.

Connect space bar

Connect Space Bar

For more demanding systems like Focus Ds, the concealed profile called Connect Space Bar is used to evenly space the absorbers. The space bar is installed together with Connect T24 Main Runner HD and is fixed with Connect Space Bar Winch.


Profiles for Ecophon Akusto Wall 

The range also includes several wall profiles allowing you to get creative with your Akusto Wall installation. You can divide the panel into smaller fields to create different patterns, mount it floor to ceiling, vertically, horizontally or as single point installations. You can even add a bookcase.


r07_Akusto_Wall_C_edge_200x152px.jpgConnect Thinline Profile 

Connect Thinline Profile is our most elegant solution made from galvanized steel. The profile is pre-punched with soft-fixing to make the installation easier. The edge radius of the frame (=2 mm) complies with the German accident prevention regulations (Unfallverhütungsvorschriften) making it suitable for use in kindergartens and schools. Connect Thinline Profile/Corner is offered in four standard colours.


Akusto_Wall_profile_corner.jpgConnect Shadow Profile

Connect Shadow Profile has a design which creates a shadow effect. The elegant solution gives a light impression and allows you to create fields of colours and patterns both vertically and horizontally. The profile, made from galvanized steel, is pre-punched with soft-fixing for installation ease. The galvanized steel frame edge radius complies with German accident prevention regulations. Connect Shadow profile/Corner is offered in one standard colour.


r11_Akusto_Wall_A_edge_channel_trim_corner_200x152px.jpgConnect Channel Trim

Connect Channel Trim is a simple and functional solution for Akusto Wall A. It can be installed with Connect T24 Main Runners or using Connect Recessed Profile which allows you to add shelves and use it as a bookcase. Connect Channel Trim is offered in three standard colours. To make the installation easier, a prefabricated corner is available for Connect Channel trim. 


Connect WP ProfileConnect WP Profile

Connect WP Profile is a robust profile solution that establishes a distinct frame around the wall panel. The system contains outer corners that allow you to design the contour. Connect WP Profile is offered in three standard colours.