Hygiene Performance™ Care Wall

Ecophon Hygiene Performance™ Care Wall

It is known that high sound levels in hospitals and healthcare facilities impair sleep, increase stress and raise heart rates. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

An acoustic ceiling is always the place to start since it reduces noise levels and reverberation time. The next step is adding wall absorbers that prevent unwanted sound reflections and increase speech clarity.

Ecophon Hygiene Performance™ Care Wall is a wall absorber specifically designed for healthcare facilities.

It is securely and stylishly framed by Connect Thinline Profile, an elegant solution made of aluminium, available in three colours.

The benefits of Hygiene Performance™
Care Wall

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Sound absorption class A

Hygiene Performance Care Wall has the highest sound absorption classification, class A.

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Disinfectable surface

The wall panel has an easily disinfected surface that is easy to clean.

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Mould and bacteria resistance

Hygiene Performance Care Wall offers total resistance to mould and bacteria.

This means patients and staff no longer need to cope with poor sound environments. Instead, you can increase wellbeing, performance, rest and recovery.

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