Johan Gross

Have you ever been to a restaurant, or maybe an office, where you have to focus really hard to be able to hear what the person next to you has to say? A place where there is so much noise around that makes it hard for you to focus on what you are actually there fore? Then you have experienced an environment with a bad sound.

If you stay in such an environment on a daily basis or for a longer period of time your health will be affected in a negative way. The room will be perceived as messy, not to mention the headache and the energy we lose when we stay in a noisy room.

On the other hand, in an environment where you do not reflect the sound, where you without any problems can have a conversation not only with the person next to you but with more people in the room, the acoustics is very well. Bad acoustic affects us in a negative way just as good acoustic affects us in a really positive way. Imagine being up in the mountains where there is nothing but you, the sun, and snow as far as your eye can reach. All you can hear is the silence of the nature. The way the nature makes you feel inside and out, is the feeling of great acoustic.

Before I started to work at Ecophon acoustics was nothing but a word to me. During my time at Ecophon I have got to experience all kinds of acoustic environments, but most important, I have met the people who spend their time there. I have experienced the transformation from a poor acoustic environment to an excellent acoustic environment. The impact of great acoustic on humans is incredible. The experience has made me an expert in this subject.

My goal is to share the knowledge I have within acoustics. I want to share it just so as many people as possible get to experience the positive affect of great acoustic. Together with Ecophon I do not only have the knowledge but also facts and products to be able to spread the knowledge of a great acoustic environment.

I am proud to work at a company whose goal is to make it better for people and together we spread the meaning "A sound effect on people".


Good acoustics improve performance and reduce stress.