Manit Ramaiya

Manit Ramaiya“A Sound Effect on People” is what we say in Ecophon, but in my specific case, it all began for me with “A Sound Effect on Myself”

Being in India - a country with approx. 1.35 billion people and still counting, I very well knew and understood quite early in the stages of my life, that the acoustic quality around us is an important element. Working in Mumbai, I never had to think deeply about how important sound, room acoustics and peace of mind are in general, as these were our daily battles indeed!


It all began for me with “A Sound Effect on Myself”.

The desire to contribute and improve the indoor conditions here, kept me immensely interested in this subject. The huge development and growth prospects, come with their own challenges as well – noisy work places, chaotic public areas, classrooms where you cannot clearly hear the teachers speaking every word and even a hospital bed which is never really private and undisturbed! As a Concept Developer in Ecophon India, I am already on a sort of a mission on both professional and personal front to help create better living conditions, at least acoustically.

I am breathing this passion since 2009 and have been really fortunate to be involved in research studies, live project interventions and spreading our core messages on Room Acoustics through various platforms, including TEDx talks in India. There is immense work to follow, lots of new opportunities to explore in this arena and this keeps me yearning for more, every single day at work!