Maria Quinn

My journey into the acoustic world began late in life! Sound was nothing I thought about, even though I worked as a nurse at a Heart Intensive Department, where it is constantly noisy and one always have to be on the alert. At the same time, there was an awareness of how disturbed and worried both the patients and their relatives became due to the noise and alerts, but often also because of the absence of a countermeasure by the staff. We knew what the noise and alerts meant and if there was a need for action or not but for the victim this was hugely stressful!

As a Concept Developer for good sound environments in healthcare, I now have much more knowledge about how the sound environment affect the work environment for the staff and their well-being and performance at work. Research also shows the great impact sound has on the patients, not just how disturbed sleep is. The frequency and scope of noise disturbances in our hospitals is often amazing around the clock! The technology-oriented areas such as surgery and intensive care are particularly vulnerable.


A good sound environment benefits both patients and staff.

At the same time, we gain more and more knowledge around psycho-acoustics which informs us how our mind interprets sound impulses. It is my responsibility to spread knowledge to those who are affected; staff, patients and relatives. The sound environment can be influenced by the right material and design, I promise!

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