Peter Petrasko

Peter_Petrasko_340px.jpgI love meeting people, making new contacts and making new friends. I also love to help people if I can, and working in my present Ecophon role gives me a great opportunity to do this. People may ask, what kind of help is this? They can understand it when they see the measured objective results and they see the change after the acoustic treatment of the room. They also can perceive the subjective change and hear the difference in a conversation or in a lecture where suddenly everything is understood.

We are on good path to educating people in Slovakia to start thinking about acoustic comfort in schools or hospitals as being extremely important. I am very happy to be able participate in various studies and research on how this all affects people's noise and behaviour in different spaces, thanks to this people's awareness of acoustic comfort improves.


Every problem can be solved, you just have to want to.