Good acoustics in nurses stations will:

  • improve communication between staff and with patients
  • improve privacy of patient information
  • ensure clarity of speech in areas where correct information is crucial, e.g. drug dispensing

Often open plan nurse stations provide a specific working space for staff when they are not with patients. Often the first point of call for visitors to a ward and the place where staff assemble for meetings and handovers. In drug preparation spaces it is vital that staff can concentrate without interruption.

Acoustic challenge

  • Improving speech clarity to ensure clear conversation between staff and patients at the nursing station. 
  • Ensuring privacy by reducing sound propagation from areas where patient information is discussed. 
  • Ensuring clarity of speech where crucial information is discussed as e.g. drug dispensing.

Hygiene challenge

Included healthcare spaces

  • Nurses rooms
  • Nurses stations in corridors
  • Drug preparation areas
  • Type of stain: Dust and microbes.
  • Cleaning frequency: Occasional.
  • Type of cleaning: Dry cleaning, wet wiping and disinfection.


  • Use sound absorbing ceilings to reduce sound level in area.
  • Utilize wall absorbers to reduce sound propagation and increase clarity of speech.

Product recommendations

For best results, we recommend combining solutions from the list below. Please visit the corresponding product page specified in the table to identify what solution best fit your needs. 

Ceiling solutions Free-hanging units Wall solutions
Hygiene Performance A   - Akusto Wall A
Hygiene Meditec A   Akusto Wall C
Hygiene Meditec E   Hygiene Performance Care Wall
Hygiene Clinic A     
Hygiene Clinic E