IAQ and healthcare

The indoor air quality is of great importance within healthcare to be able to create a good indoor environment which will enhance the staff performance and the patient's ability to rest and recover.

Healthcare has a great responsibility in taking care of patients and make them well again. The indoor air quality at the hospitals should be of great interest for the healthcare facility management, both when it comes to creating a healing environment for the patients but also for creating a good working environment for the personnel.

For healthcare staff, it's crucial to be able to function properly and to make difficult decisions. And patients should be in an environment where they feel safe and where they can rest, sleep and recover.

Studies within both office and schools provide further information on the effects of indoor air quality on performance. A number of these studies have found an effect of the air quality on the performance of office work.

Poor air quality (either due to emissions from e.g. construction products or due to low ventilation rate) may decrease work speed and increase the amount of errors made during work.

And when it comes to healthcare, it is even more important that the personnel aren’t affected by poor indoor air quality.