Shared living spaces, such as living rooms, activity rooms, dining rooms and kitchen areas are common in elderly care facilities. 

Common sound sources in these spaces are people talking, clatter from tableware, dishwashers, fridges and TVs. And as with any type of space regarding elderly care, it is important to consider that users often have hearing disabilities. 


  • To ensure very high speech clarity, by reducing echoes and preventing sound levels from escalating.
  • Making it easy for everyone to hear what is being said, by improving listening comfort.


  • Use sound-absorbing ceilings with the best absorption qualities at all frequencies.
  • Improve listening comfort for people with hearing loss by considering good performance at low frequencies (125 Hz).
  • Apply wall absorbers on two adjacent walls to stop echoes, improving speech clarity further.

Acoustic considerations 

Speech clarity, sound levels.

Recommended products

For best results, we recommend combining solutions from the list below. Please visit the corresponding product page specified in the table to identify what solution best fit your needs. 

Ceiling solutions Free-hanging units Wall solutions
Master  - Akusto Wall A 
Hygiene Clinic A   Akusto Wall C
Hygiene Clinic E