Good acoustics for focus work will:

  • provide workers with spaces for concentration and brain work
  • provide quality of long phone meetings and video/Skype meetings

From time to time everybody needs to focus without being disturbed. Since fewer and fewer people have access to their very own cellular office it is therefore crucial to have so-called concentration spaces. Among other things these are used for concentrating on very important tasks, long telephone conversations, video conferences and meetings.


  • Hinder wall-to-wall echoes.
  • Enhance speech clarity.
  • Keep sound from entering and leaving the pace.


  • Use sound insulation for cellular offices and concentration spaces.
  • Use sound-absorbing ceiling, sound insulation for cellular offices and concentration spaces.
  • Add wall absorbers on at least one wall.

Acoustic considerations

Wall-to-wall echoes, sound insulation and speech clarity.

Product recommendations

Find below a list of recommended products. Please visit the corresponding product page specified in the table to identify what solution best fit your needs.

Ceiling solutions Wall solutions
Focus Akusto Wall A
Combison Akusto Wall C