Ecophon Textile

Add textile for a new dimension

Ecophon Textile gives you the ability to create good acoustics that are at once discreet and eye catching. The subtle pattern is made from a high quality knitted fabric using the pique technique. It’s characterised by a texture of fine ribbing, giving it a soft glow when light shines on the surface of the sound absorbing panel. Ecophon Solo™ Textile is offered in seven contemporary and compatible colours.

With our decorative, sound absorbing acoustic panels, Solo Textile offers a pleasing harmony between functionality and design. While reducing noise, it adds a modern feel to a home, business or office that is pleasing to the eye, ear and mind.

Product availability

The Ecophon Textile surface is available on:

Colour offering



Nearest NCS colour sample S 3502-Y

Light reflectance 37%




Nearest NCS colour sample S 3010-G80Y

Light reflectance 37%




Nearest NCS colour sample S 7005-R80B

Light reflectance 10%




Nearest NCS colour sample S 6020-R90B

Light reflectance 9%



Nearest NCS colour sample S 3030-B

Light reflectance 29%




Nearest NCS colour sample S 2030-R20B

Light reflectance 33%




Nearest NCS colour sample S 9000-N

Light reflectance 2%




















Note: Limited colour variation may occur between batches. Ecophon Textile fabrics have been designed for long durability, regular dusting according to Ecophon specifications and limited exposure to direct UVs are recommended to increase the lifespan of the products.