Ecophon Texona

An extensive colour range

If you want to create expressive sound absorbing wall or screen solutions with a wide range of colours, Texona is the perfect choice. Texona has a smooth textured surface, is impact resistant and available in a variety of colours that allude to flavours. 


The Texona surface is available on:

Texona Colour Range

Texona is available in the colours shown below that are carefully chosen in collaboration with interior designers, architects and textile designers.

Texona Sea salt   Sea salt
Nearest NCS colour sample S 0500-N
Light reflectance 81%
  Texona Liquorice   Liquorice
Nearest NCS colour sample S 9000-N
Light reflectance 5%
Texona Pepper   Pepper
Nearest NCS colour sample S 6502-Y
Light reflectance 17%
  Texona Garlic   Garlic
Nearest NCS colour sample S 2502-Y
Light reflectance 52%
Texona Oyster   Ginger
Nearest NCS colour sample S 2005-Y30R
Light reflectance 56%
  Texona Scallop   Scallop
Nearest NCS colour sample S 1005-Y40R
Light reflectance 67%.
Texona Sage   Sage
Nearest NCS colour sample S 3010-B30G
Light reflectance 41%
  Texona Eucalyptus   Eucalyptus
Nearest NCS colour sample S 5010-B30G
Light reflectance 23%
Texona Oyster   Oyster
Nearest NCS colour sample S 4005-Y20R
Light reflectance 32%
    Poppy seed
Nearest NCS colour sample S 3020-B10G
Light reflectance 28%
Texona Peach   Peach
Nearest NCS colour sample S 1515-Y80R
Light reflectance  52%
  Texona Thyme   Thyme
Nearest NCS colour sample S 2010-B90G
Light reflectance 47%
Texona Acai   Acai
Nearest NCS colour sample S 6020-R90B
Light reflectance 12%
  Texona - Goji   Goji
Nearest NCS colour sample S 3030-Y80R
Light reflectance 24%

Note: Colours may vary slightly between different production batches. Reproduction of colours vary between print, screen and reality.