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The corrosion level of the environment to which building structures are exposed is classified according to ISO 12944-2. 

All Ecophon grid systems have been developed to meet the basic level of requirements (C1). Specific products meet higher requirements of the standard (C3 and/or C4):

  • C1: dry and ventilated environments
  • C3: humid environments with low pollution
  • C4: wet environments with high pollution

The classification of Connect items according to ISO 12944-2 has been done following tests performed according to NORDTEST-method NT MAT 003, which specifies stricter testing than ISO 12944-2 requirements.

Additionally, Ecophon grid systems have been classified according to EN 13964:2014 (Table 9) to ensure their compatibility with the different classes of exposure defined by the standard. This information can be found in the Declaration of Performance of the Connect products. 

Always refer to a product’s technical datasheet to ensure its compatibility with the required corrosion class.

Always ensure that the corrosion class of the ceiling grids is compatible with the desired cleaning protocol and cleaning products of the ceiling system.