Impact resistance

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Impact resistance of Ecophon products is tested according to EN 13964:2014 (ceiling products) and DIN 18032-3 (wall panels).

Both methods feature a predefined ball being shot at the product. However, the ball characteristics, applied speed as well as classification system differs depending on the standard.

Suspended ceilings are tested and classified according to the table below:

Class Impact velocity (m/s) Suitable application area
1A 16,5 +/- 0,8 High velocity sport halls such as hand ball or tennis courts.
2A 8,0 +/- 0,5 Where low energy ball games take place such as volley ball or soft ball
3A 4,0 +/- 0,5 Where low levels of impact resistance is needed such as corridors in schools or day care centres.

DIN18032-3 only features one level with set requirements that the product must fulfil in order to pass.