Mould and bacteria resistance

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Ecophon products have been tested to ensure they do not serve as a natural breeding medium for mould and bacteria.

By keeping the environment of the ceiling clean, and having a controlled climate below the critical humidity and temperature level, the risk for these micro-organisms is reduced considerably. Tests have been performed on Ecophon tiles according to ISO 846:1997 methods A (fungal growth) and C (bacteria):

ISO 846, Method A

  • Paecilomyces variotii
  • Penicillium funiculosum
  • Aspergillus niger
  • Gliocladium virens
  • Chaetomium globosum

ISO 846, Method C

  • Pseudomonas aeruginosa

The ISO 846 standard classifies materials from Class 0 (no growth of microorganisms) to Class 5 (heavy growth of microorganisms). Ecophon products that have been tested according to ISO 846:1997 have reached Class 0 or Class 1.

Always refer to a product’s technical datasheet to ensure its compatibility with specific mould and bacteria resistance requirements.