Virtual Acoustic Reality with Ecophon in Dubai

Saint-Gobain organized in Dubai the first-ever awards ceremony for construction materials manufacturers in Middle East. This was a unique international event recognizing and awarding the best in the industry.

The Ecophon/Cundall boothApproximately 150 people attended the event, among others regional and international contractors recognized for their efforts within the fields of residential, non-residential, plasterboard, ceilings, and innovation and sustainability.

Ecophon participated in this event with a booth designed in collaboration with Cundall, a multi-disciplinary engineering consultancy company. The booth included not only the Ecophon best acoustic solutions but also a Virtual Acoustic Reality® (VAR) system created by Cundall.

Cundall VAR is a unique and cutting-edge tool for both clients and design teams that includes audio-prediction modelling. Provided with a virtual reality headset and high-quality audio, clients and project designers are virtually transported into an immersive audio and visual tour of a building - before it is built.

The ability to hear how sound actually changes as users move through different spaces will enable valued decisions to be made based on experiential factors rather than numbers on a page.

With its participation in the Saint-Gobain’s awards ceremony, Ecophon lived up to the expectations of important stakeholders in the industry, a great opportunity to develop the acoustic ceilings market in this region. 


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