Durable and easily demountable

Our absorbers are extremely durable and can easily be removed and put back again.


Lightweight and robust means easy and fast installation

The advantages of Ecophon glass wool panels are plenty. Among them is the fact that it is a very lightweight material, making installation easy and effortless. The resilient material is at the same time very robust, which enables it to be used in large panels, without any risk of sagging or the need for extra support.

Extremely durable and easily maintained

Soft and white doesn’t mean fragile. Our absorbers are extremely durable and don’t really need any maintenance except the occasional cleaning. If you need access to the ceiling void you can easily remove panels and then put them back again. And if you need a ceiling solution to be impact resistant or secured, we have solutions for this as well. And they are still removable.

Ecophon offers a web-based tool to generate a maintenance guide that is tailored to your specific project. When you enter the Ecophon products you have used, a unique document will be created. It will include information to ensure the correct treatment of your products during their lifetime.

Minimising on-site waste

Our acoustic systems have been ingeniously designed to simplify installation and minimise on-site waste. To make this even easier we even have systems that don’t need any cutting or adaptation