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Acoustic solutions for the pharmaceutical industry

Controlled environments with strict hygiene requirements


The cleaning of the premises is central in pharmaceutical production. However, hard, bare surfaces and materials in combination with loud mechanical processes, creates a noisy environment. At the same time, any sound-absorbing system installed must meet the high hygiene requirements and comply with GMP classifications.


The Ecophon Hygiene systems significantly improve the acoustic environment while also meeting hygiene requirements.  The systems fulfil the most stringent requirements on emissions, and the tile discourage microorganism growth. Ecophon Hygiene acoustic systems comply with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards, class A (the highest class).

Ecophon Hygiene Labotec is available for laboratory environments. This system provides a smooth ceiling with no horizontal joints where particles can collect.


  • increased productivity
  • increased safety
  • greater staff well-being
  • improved communication
  • minimising the need for hearing protection

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Product guide

Room type / Classification System performance Hygiene system

GMP class A to D

Chemical resistant, enclosed tile, daily wet cleaning/disinfecting

Hygiene Advance A C3

GMP class A to D

Particle repellent, disinfecting, weekly wet wiping  

Hygiene Labotec Ds C1*

Packaging, storage

Particle repellent, disinfecting, weekly wet wiping 

Hygiene Protec A C1

Laboratory, control

Particle repellent, disinfecting, weekly wet wiping 

Hygiene Labotec Ds C1 *


* only vertical joints