Sports halls

Exercising and energizing

In a sports hall with a good sound environment: 

  • the sound level is as low as it can be
  • echoes are prevented
  • people can speak in a normal tone of voice and still make themselves heard

Most of the activities that take place in a sports hall are very noisy. The high sound levels often make it impossible for students and players to hear each other, and for teachers to give instructions without having to shout. And due to the lively activities, it's important that the acoustic solution is impact-resistant and secure. It should be able to withstand repetitive hits by different kinds of balls. 


  • Reducing sound levels
  • Improving speech intelligibility by keeping sound from bouncing off the walls 


  • Use an impact-resistant sound-absorbing ceiling with very good absorption qualities
  • Add impact-resistant wall absorbers on two adjacent walls

Product recommendation 

 Product combination Total acoustic performance Impact resistance / Durability  Ceiling surface
Super G Plus A and Akusto Wall/Super G 5 5 Super G
5 4 Super G


Bezledy Municipal Sports Hall

Ecophon Advantage™ E, Ecophon Super G™ A

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