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Acoustic solutions for swimming halls

When a good sound environment could be a matter of life and death


In pool areas, noise levels are almost always high. The sound reverberates between the hard surfaces on ceilings, walls and floors, and spreads across the water surfaces. This makes it harder to hear cries for help and locate the sound. However, any sound absorbing system installed must withstand the humid environments.


Sound absorbers lower the sound level and limit sound propagation. Sound absorbers can also help create lower noise levels in communal shower areas, which are used by many people simultaneously. The Ecophon Hygiene system includes acoustic ceilings specially designed for indoor swimming pools with high air humidity, or where surfaces are frequently exposed to water splashes.

For safety reasons, we recommend using one of the hygiene systems shown in the table below with edge A and C4 Connect grid for all indoor pool area installations.


  • improved safety
  • greater staff well-being
  • improved communication
  • reducing risk of hearing damages

Product guide

Area System performance Hygiene system
Water park / Swimming halls Corrosive environment, constant high humidity Hygiene Advance A C4
Swimming halls Corrosive environment, high humidity Hygiene Performance A C4
Shower Weekly wet wiping, constant high humidity Hygiene Advance A C3
Shower Weekly wet wiping, frequent high humidity Hygiene Performance A C3