Pure Storage office

Project: Pure Storage office Mississippi House

Segment: Office

Country/city: Czech Republic, Prague

Architects: PureStorage + Cushman & Wakefield

Installer: BV GIPS EU s.r.o.

Photographer: Aleš Jungmann: Architectural Photography

Production year: 2022

A structure built for humans; Mississippi House is outfitted with contemporary technology from the garage to the roof. Flexible open areas are saturated with natural light, and the building itself changes appearance daily thanks to reflections of the sky and water on the glass façade.

Cushman & Wakefield used a visual representation of the company's identity in their work. The use of straight lines throughout the office, including on the furniture, lighting, flooring, and even the navigation system, emphasizes the technological idea of a circuit board. The use of orange in accents on fabrics, furniture, and flooring also serves as a visual representation of Pure Storage's brand.

There are also lots of green spaces that support comfort, a general sense of well-being, and health and wellness. Modern training facilities and arcade rooms offer a wonderful intersection for work-life harmony.

The suspended acoustic panels Ecophon Solo™ Matrix are constructed of recycled glass bottles. To minimize the carbon footprint of bringing materials into the building, everything used in the new workplace came from central Europe.