Supreme court

Project: The Supreme Court of the Czech Republic

Segment: Office

Country/city: Czech Republic, Brno

Architects: David Zaplatil, Nikola Krištofiaková, Terézia Rišková, Arch.Design, s.r.o.

Installer: ESPRIT s.r.o.

Photographer: Jiří Alexander Bednář

Contractor: Archatt, s. r. o.

Production year: 2022

The Supreme Court of the Czech Republic in Brno is the largest meeting hall of this type in the Czech Republic. A total of 140 seats are offered, a consultation room for 10 judges and finally a spacious foyer in front of the main hall. The reconstruction was carried out by the company Archatt Monuments, and the entire work took almost eight months to complete.

If you are interested, you can visit this room via virtual tour created by the interior photographer Jiří Alexander Bednář here.