Impact of noise in education - A research summary

Explore the definitive evidence linking the impact acoustics and noise has in learning environments and students’ ability to learn.

Based on an extensive literature review by Professor Bridget Shield, we’ve created a short summary highlighting a broad selection of the studies she has researched.

It’s known that noise levels in schools can be loud enough to negatively impact students and teachers. But by how much and to what extent?

Discover the answer and more:

  • Recommended healthy noise levels and how they compare with today’s average school environment levels
  • What it takes to ensure good sound levels in schools
  • How noise impacts teachers and the health risks involved, physically and mentally
  • How noise affects students in their learning capacity and behaviour
  • The extent that good acoustics improve productivity, both in test scores and engagement
  • How perceived noise affects concentration and annoyance levels in teachers and students
  • How to optimise acoustics for inclusive learning

Imagine the exponential impact if teachers could remain focused on teaching and not controlling noise and disruptions, while students could spend longer periods engaged in a deeper state of learning.