Ecophon Drawing Aid - Your essential drawing resource

With Ecophon Drawing Aid you can find and export drawings to your CAD system or other software to integrate with your other project documents.

Drawing Aid makes it easy to search for specific drawings and to download them in DWG- and DXF format or as vector graphics in .eps format. The drawings can then be used in a variety of software programs, e.g. CAD software. Once exported, the drawings are placed into labelled layers, which makes them easy to find amongst your other works.

To help you find what you are looking for, the drawings are grouped by product familiy. The search function allows you to search by item number or free text and offers a clear preview of each drawing.

Drawing Aid is found on the product pages of the Ecophon website

There are two ways of accessing the drawings from a product page:

Search for solution drawingsIn the E-tools section

Select "Drawing Aid" in the E-tools menu on the right hand side. Here you will find drawings of solutions that are relevant to the particular product that you are viewing. 

These solution drawings are divided into the following categories:

  • Transitions: Installation drawings of common transitions showing solutions with for example flat wall and level changes.
  • Fixing: Drawings of common solutions involving for example suspended luminaires for Ecophon ceiling systems.
  • Installation: Installation drawings of common solutions with other components (i.e. pipeworks).


Search for item drawingsIn the Installation tab

In the Installation tab, click on the relevant item in the item list found under the M-sketch. Here you will find item drawings for the product that you are viewing. 

These item drawings are divided into the following categories:

  • Longitudal section, cross section and modular mark: Detailed drawings for use in your own designs or as general information.
  • Accessors3D: Only available as vector graphics (.eps), intended to give you a general understanding of our lighting and Connect items.
  • Accessors2D: Drawings with basic dimensions that can be used in your own designs.


For support and questions regarding the products, please don't hesitate to contact Ecophon.