The Ecophon Quantification Tool

The Ecophon Quantification Tool will help you make an estimation of all the components you will need when building your system. The tool makes it easy for you to plan the usage of Ecophon products in your project. It will help you to find the right components as well as the amount that you will need for your installation.

Using the Ecophon Quantification Tool is free

The Quantification Tool is free to use and in the basic version you can:

  • list individual articles needed for building your system
  • view orderable package sizes
  • be guided through options and configurations
  • view images of individual articles

Advanced functionality for registered users

If you become a registered user you will be able to use more advanced functionality such as:

  • saving your calculation
  • creating your own project with several calculations
  • creating a project summary with all articles included
  • download your calculation as Excel or pdf files. 

Existing customers will also be able to receive an instant price estimation.

For support and questions regarding the products, please don't hesitate to contact Ecophon.