Connect™ Accessories

To compliment the whole ceiling system, Connect™ offers a number of accessories for a variety of different needs:

Connect clipsClips

A wide range of clips caters for many application areas, including for example areas that require high pressure cleaning like for example kitchens or food processing industries.



Thinline_Corner_02_bgLight.jpgConnectors and splines

Connect connectors is a range of products that is used to join profiles in corners. They are used for both wall panels and free-hanging units. Connect splines are used for levelling tiles in installations where no cross tees are used, e.g. our edge F products.

Connect absorber anchorFixing devices

It is essential to select a fixing that can withstand the loadings involved and ensure that the fixing is correct for the structure. Considerations must also be given to the corrosion resistance requirements. You can choose between a comprehensive screw selection for suspended ceilings, or as an alternative we also offer an adhesive, Connect Absorber glue. 


Connect_hook_200px.pngSuspensions and brackets

We offer a wide range of suspension solutions such as adjustable wire hangers in different designs, wire hangers for free hanging units, direct fixing brackets etc. Always consider the additional live loads (including a good safety margin) when selecting suspension.



Connect Spacebar winchAccessories other

This includes a wide variety of products, for example edge tools, inspection hatches, sealing tapes, ventilation grills, edge sealants etc.