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Golfnow is a division of Golf Now, Golf Channel and NBC Sports.

It is the leading provider of cloud-based online tee time booking systems to golf clubs in the UK, Ireland and the US, with over 1500 customers worldwide


Project: Golfnow Office

Country/city: UK / Belfast

Architect: Mark Higgins, RPP Architects

Main contractor: Heron Bros

Ceiling contractor: Heron Bros

Photographer: Gordon McAvoy


The cafeteria area at BRS GolfIn order to accommodate its growing team, Golfnow has moved to new offices at City Quays 1 in Belfast. Mark Higgins of RPP Architects was the interior designer working on the project, along with the design firm EMMA Architecten.

He explained that Solo Baffles were utilised in the board room, meeting rooms, breakout spaces, and cafeteria/kitchen areas in order to assist with acoustic quality. “They are a nice, simple, aesthetically pleasing product, allowing easy access to building services above. They have worked well in practice assisting with acoustics in a busy open plan working environment.”

Ecophon’s Andrew Acheson said, “I think they’ve achieved a very interesting look with the baffles and plasterboard edging.” Mark also added, “We had good local support from the Ecophon team and the client is very happy with their new workspace.”

Solo Baffles are easily demountable and are often an acoustic solution of choice when it isn’t possible to install a wall-to-wall ceiling. It could be when natural light is brought into the room from skylights or as an option when TABS (Thermally Activted Building System) is selected as a cooling system. They can also be used in activity based working environments (ABW), where good acoustics are just as crucial to success, as the visual aspect of the design. The baffles can be suspended using several different systems offered by Ecophon.

Text by:  JJ Creative Ltd

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