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Vistet Patient Hotel

Project:  Vistet patient hotel, Sunderby Hospital

Country/city: Sweden / Luleå

Ceiling contractor: Interoc 

Photographer: Teddy Strandqvist/Studio-e.se

Production year: 2013

Focusing on health

The purpose of Vistet patient hotel is to build on the health of the patient and to stimulate and use the patient’s own resources. Treatment is based on a broad approach and tackles the healing process from four perspectives: the purely physical symptoms that the patient experiences, as well as how the individual’s state of mind is affected by their current condition. It also puts special emphasis on the patient’s social situation and cultural background, which can influence health in many ways.

All the patient rooms also provide space for relatives. The rooms are designed to be private places that the patient can use as a retreat when needed. 

Entrance of the patient hotel VistetA comfortable sound environment

The patient hotel uses a person-centred care approach, which entails a very close and involved relationship between patient and care team. For instance, all reporting is done in the patient’s own room! Vistet has 69 single rooms for patients who have been discharged from hospital care but still need care that has to be provided by staff.

The building is close to Sunderby Hospital, in a beautiful setting with nature on the doorstep. Encouraging patients to build on their health and own resources requires much more than “everyday” care – there is a spa and gym that offers yoga sessions and the like, and there is also a small restaurant that can be used by patients, relatives and staff.

The entrance is airy and very welcoming, with stylish lighting and art, creating a comfortable space that leads naturally into the large hotel-like reception area. The ceiling has been chosen with care to provide a very comfortable sound environment and create architecturally appealing lines that blend well with the rest of the interior. 

Healing night’s sleep

It is well established that patients generally have real problems getting an undisturbed night’s sleep when they are in hospital, and this has an impact on their recovery. At Vistet, all the single rooms have sound-absorbing ceilings and effective acoustic insulation between rooms. The staff see a big improvement in patients’ ability to sleep and they firmly believe that faster recuperation means shorter care times! 

Wow, I feel better just from walking in here!


Surveys are carried out regularly at the patient hotel to assess results, and it gets top scores in the areas of patient assurance and well-being. “Wow, I feel better just from walking in here” is a frequent comment of patients, despite the fact that Vistet provides more medical treatments than any other patient hotel in Sweden. Our goal is to be “Sweden’s top health-promoting patient hotel”, concludes Anne Lindahl, project manager at Norrbotten County Council.


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