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Our ears have evolved over hundreds of thousands of years to hear perfectly in nature. Yet today we spend up to 90% of our time indoors. That has tremendous consequences at work. 70% of us aren’t happy with noise in the workplace. It can take up to 25 minutes to return to our original tasks, and another 8 minutes to get back to the same level of concentration before we were interrupted.
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When we designed our product families for offices we looked to see if we could imitate the sound of nature by learning from our origins – to produce excellent acoustic comfort so people feel good at work – and become more productive.

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The impact of noise in the workplace

We all know sound at work effects people, but how? Our Office Research Summary has gathered the available knowledge on the effects of sound in the office and how you can improve people’s satisfaction – and ultimately their ability to perform. 


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Ecophon Master™ Eg

New design system with a floating impression

It can be hard to concentrate – and be productive – in spaces where people use the phone or where there is high ambient noise. Master suspended ceiling systems provide exceptional sound absorption and speech clarity, perfect for busy offices where understanding speech is crucial for work. Using the new, unique Master Eg system you can create your own design with floating appearance.

Master Eg has edges painted in black and white and a black grid that conceals the supporting tile edges, creating a floating appearance. The system is very easy to install and remove. Use pre-designed systems or create an individual design with your choice of panel sizes using the Ecophon Master™ Eg design guide.


Features & benefits

The panels come in four different formats and are available in 22 Akutex FT colours.
  • Excellent absorption and speech clarity
  • Floating appearance
  • Great design possibilities
  • Matching luminaire solutions
  • Easy installation

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Ecophon Akusto™ Screen

Instant sound absorption for open plan offices

Ecophon Akusto™ free-standing screens offer excellent acoustic solutions for more comfort in open plan offices. They add extra sound absorption, making the spread of speech shorter and improving the distance of comfort – how sound pressure is distributed over workspaces. That leads to increased satisfaction, greater wellbeing, less potential for distraction and a more productive workplace. They are the perfect complement to a sound-absorbing ceiling that offers strategic acoustic performance throughout the workspace. Place them where you need, move them when you want.


Features & benefits

Akusto™ Screens are available in any of the 14 Texona surface colours.
  • Open plan office comfort
  • Improved speech privacy
  • Increased concentration and wellbeing

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Design & colours

New colour possibilities for creating great spaces

Research shows that colours contribute to a happier, healthier and more engaging work environment. To make offices of the future places where unexpected meetings happen, where creativity and innovation flow. There’s so much you can do to create great places to work – where people are productive and thrive.

Our product ranges offer endless design possibilities using different colours, textures, sizes, shapes and installation methods. Now with more inspiring colours for grids as well as the new Akutex FT and Texona colours which offer even more colour combination possibilities.

  • 5 new Texona colours
  • 2 new Akutex FT colours as well as 6 colours just added
  • 15 new colours for Connect grids


Video conferences & meetings

Making rooms sound great

Whatever type of meeting you want – virtual or physical – make sure the room offers optimal acoustics so you can easily hear and be heard, without disturbing people outside. That way meetings can be what they are intended to be, private, comfortable and profitable.

So how do you achieve this? Learn more about the most important acoustic design aspects of video conferencing rooms in ur Acoustic Design Guide for Video Conference Rooms.


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