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Solo Baffles - a different perspective on acoustic clouds

Are you a visual explorer? Curious to see what happens when you turn things around? Then you should have a look at our free-hanging baffles and experience the acoustic cloud from a different perspective.

Ecophon Solo™ Baffle WallThe first baffle for walls

The latest addition to the family, Ecophon Solo™ Baffle Wall, is the first baffle specifically for walls. It is just as easy to mount as it is pleasing to look at. The anchor is factory installed in the panel so all you need to do is fix the hanger to the wall and hang it up.

Smooth or edgy – your choice

Are you looking for something else than straight lines? Then one of the new Ecophon Solo™ Baffle Wave and Ecophon Solo™ Baffle ZigZag is probably what you are looking for. With these you can create rolling waves or more zig-zaggy patterns. The panels are available in two sizes, letting you decide the height of the waves and patterns.

Solo square in redClassic lines

The original baffle is used to form distinct lines in the ceiling. They are available in six sizes and as with all our ceiling baffles you have several ways to install them. They can hang with separate wires, hang in a Connect™ grid system and be installed directly to the soffit using the Connect Baffle Profile.

Add colour to your vision

To further enhance your design you can choose between the 16 natural panel colours of Akutex™ FT. The colour range was developed to match most standard colours, making it easy to either blend in or make a bold statement.

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Find more facts and inspiration about Solo in our brochure (pdf).