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Ecophon Solo - the original acoustic cloud

Ecophon Solo™ is the original acoustic cloud. It has proven its qualities for over a decade, in numerous installations all over the world.



Solo comes in all the shapes and sizes you need to fulfil your ideas.

A shape for every need

With a multitude of sizes and shapes you have all the possibilites to create, whether you like it round, square, rectangular or any other shape. Big or small.

With its excellent acoustic qualities, Solo is our bravest example of how design and functionality can harmonize to create atmospheres that are pleasing to the eye, the ear and the mind.

For healthy sound environments

As always, our sustainability focus is noticed throughout the Solo range, making it perfectly suited for green building certifications.

Since the air flows freely around Solo panels, it is also a preferred choice for creating healthy sound environments in thermally activated building systems (TABS).

Freedom to create high-end design

How about a design element that can take your architectural visions all the way? Ecophon Solo™ Freedom lets you create your own, unique shapes that you can't find anywhere else. It gives wings to your ideas and lets you go beyond what’s possible with standard shapes.


Solo baffle on wall

Solo lets you experience the acoustic cloud from a different perspective - sideways.

A different perspective on acoustic clouds

Our free-hanging baffles let you experience the acoustic cloud from a different perspective - sideways. Hanging from the ceiling, baffles can be used to form distinct lines, rolling waves or zig-zaggy patterns. Mounted on walls, they add interesting contours and depth.

Bright design deserves good lighting 

Either if it’s natural light flowing in from large windows, or carefully calibrated artificial light, it can be used to support your architectural vision. Lighting can easily be integrated in the panels, between or behind them, or illuminated by coloured spotlights. they can be perhaps coloured spotlights can illuminate selected parts of the acoustic cloud.

Level up your design ideas

You can always look at things from different angles. This is especially true when it comes to Solo, where the panels can be mounted almost any way you like. Attach them close to the ceiling with discrete mounting or make use of the fact that the Solo panels are just as good looking on both sides. 


If grandness is your thing, there is always a great Solo solution to match it.

Think big – make a great impression

If grandness is your thing, there is always a great Solo solution to match it. The standard range includes some of the largest acoustic panels on the market, both rectangular and circular. They are often the preferred choice for large spaces, but can also be used to make a statement in a smaller room. 

See the world in colours

What would life be without colours? With colours you can express emotions, values and attitudes. Since the free-hanging Solo panels are surrounded by air, the background colours of the room can contribute to an even more interesting impression.

The visible surface of Solo units has an Akutex™ FT coating, a unique surface technology developed by Ecophon. The Akutex™ FT range offers 16 colours.  


Be inspired by our Solo case studies and references

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Find more facts and inspiration about Solo in our brochure (pdf).


The Solo family

Ecophon™ Solo comes in several shapes and sizes, allowing freedom of design and the opportunity to create striking new expressions.

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