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Express yourself with Ecophon Solo™ large sizes

With Solo it’s easy to fulfil even the most sizeable architectural visons.

Think big – make a great impression 

Solo Circle XL

The Solo standard range includes some of the largest acoustic panels on the market.

Our standard range includes some of the largest acoustic panels on the market, both rectangular and circular. They are often the preferred choice for large spaces, but can also be used to make a statement in a smaller room.

Light-weight and durable

Two of the most beneficial features of our glass wool absorbers are that they are light-weight and yet very robust and durable.

These are the reasons we can produce the large sizes, and the reasons you as a customer don’t need to worry about things like bulging.

The available standard large sizes:

Smooth and easy installation

Installing the large Solo sizes is a treat, because even though they are big, they still only need four to six fixing points. The well-proven Connect items used for the smaller Solo products are also used the large ones.

So basically, if you can install one Solo, you will quickly understand how to install others. To guide you there are installation guides and step-by-step detailed installation films, avialable on the product pages.

Be inspired!

Solo is a popular design element and therefore there are many inspiring projects for you to seek inspiration from. Take a minute to see what others have created.


More Solo inspiration

The Solo family

Ecophon™ Solo comes in several shapes and sizes, allowing freedom of design and the opportunity to create striking new expressions.

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