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Level up your design ideas

You can always look at things from different angles. This is especially true when it comes to Solo, where the panels can be mounted almost any way you like.

Attach them as close as 50 mm to the ceiling with our new discrete, direct fixing. Or make use of the fact that the Solo panels are just as good looking on both sides. In spaces with high ceilings, like atriums and similar, Solo can preferably be stacked in multiple levels and be viewed from both below and above. In this context the visible wires become an interesting part of the design. 

Connect Adjustable Wire KitAdjustable wire hanger

The solutions for using the adjustable wire make installation of Solo a breeze. And since the unique Connect Absorber Anchor has a hollow centre, you have the opportunity to easily create multilevel installations. Just pass the wire through the anchor and fasten it in the panel below.

Depending on what you prefer aesthetically and which Solo you are installing, you can choose between two solutions:

  • Connect Adjustable Wire Hanger
  • Connect Adjustable Wire Kit

Connect Absorber Bracket Adjustable 7x9 cm with 47x2170 Connect Absorber AnchorDirect fixing

From a distance, Solo looks like it floats in mid-air. With the new solution for direct fixing, Connect Absorber Bracket, this effect can now also be achieved closer to the soffit than ever before.

You can now install your Solo with just 50 mm depth. Direct fixing is perfect for areas with a low ceiling height or if you want a specifically solid solution.

One-point fixing

The appearance of Connect One-Point Fixing is as distinct as the installation is easy. With this solution you only require one hole in the soffit and two wires for a regular tile size.

If you choose one of the larger rectangles you need two holes and four wires.





Grids and profiles

When it comes to baffles, they are most often installed in long lines across the ceiling. To make sure the lines are as straight as intended, you can choose to use profiles or grids.

If you want the baffles close to the soffit we recommend using Connect Baffle Profile, where the tiles are hung from a profile that is secured directly in the soffit.

If you want to suspend the baffles, they can be hung from a Connect grid system, which is installed the same way as for a wall-to-wall ceiling.

Solo Baffle Wall and Connect Baffle Wall Fixing with Solo Baffle AnchorBaffle on wall

The latest addition to the family, Ecophon Solo™ Baffle Wall, is the first baffle specifically for walls. It is just as easy to mount as it is pleasing to look at.

The anchor is factory installed in the panel so all you need to do is fix the Solo Baffle Wall Fixing to the wall and hang it up.

Let there be light

Due to the robust properties of Solo, luminaires can easily be installed in the tiles without the risk of sagging or the need for extra support.

If you know the size of the luminaire you want to use, Ecophon can deliver the panels with the hole already cut out, with painted edges. We recommend choosing a luminaire that doesn’t leak light through openings on the top of the luminaire.

If you haven’t chosen a specific luminaire, Solo Rectangle Line is the choice. It is delivered with a factory-installed luminaire and all you need to do is connecting it to a socket.


Installation films

To help you decide the design and to help you through the installation, there are twelve live-action, step by step installation films available. Together, they cover all Solo shapes and installation possibilities. You find them below, or at the bottom of the product pages.

The Solo family

Ecophon™ Solo comes in several shapes and sizes, allowing freedom of design and the opportunity to create striking new expressions.

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Find more facts and inspiration about Solo in our brochure (pdf).