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Express yourself with Ecophon Solo™ and lighting

Use light to support your architectural vision - no matter if it's natural light flowing in from large windows, or carefully calibrated artificial light.


Ecophon Solo™ Rectangle Line

The new Solo Rectangle Line is a free-hanging unit with an integrated recessed luminaire. 

With Ecophon Solo™ you have many choices for lighting – integrated in the panels like the new Ecophon Solo™ Rectangle Line, between or behind them, or perhaps coloured spotlights illuminating selected parts of the acoustic cloud. Light adds a little bit of magic and gives life to your Solo installation.

Factory-integrated luminarie

The new Solo Rectangle Line is available in size 2400x1200x40 mm with a luminaire part that consists of a housing, a ballast and a matt opal satine louvre.

The panel is delivered with the opal installed. The light source has a high efficiency and the life span is more than 50,000 hours.

Installing an Solo Rectangle Line follows the same procedure as a regular Solo, and is just as easy. Our step-by-step installation film will lead you along the way.

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Integrating luminaires yourself

Solo luminaire integration exampleLuminaires can be installed directly in Solo panels, without the risk of sagging or the need of extra support.

The maximum load capacity is 2.5 kg, but since the weight varies somewhat between the different Solo shapes and sizes, please check the installation guide for your chosen shape before deciding on final integration.

If you know the size of the luminaires you want to use, Ecophon can deliver the panels with the hole already cut out, with painted internal edges.


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Solo lighting options

The Solo family

Ecophon™ Solo comes in several shapes and sizes, allowing freedom of design and the opportunity to create striking new expressions.

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