Université de Sheffield

Détails du projet : Sir Frederick Mappin Building, Sir Henry Stephenson Building, Sir Robert Hadfield Building, Royaume Uni

Architecte : Aedas Huddersfield

Entrepreneur : ICS

Taille du projet : 40m2

Coût du projet : £3,000

At the University of Sheffield, the lecture theatres and rooms feature large images that reflect the department subject. Several of these lecture rooms were recently refurbished and in the process some acoustic issues became apparent. High ceilings and hard floors with nothing to absorb sound meant that the rooms suffered from high reverberation times, which made them unsuitable for teaching.

Working together, the architect and Ecophon’s Will Chan decided that the Akusto wall panel range with screen-printed images offered a stylish solution. The panels provide the absorption necessary for exceptional acoustic comfort that is perfect for the academic environment. They also made it possible for the university to continue its tradition of using oversize imagery to inspire rooms and lecture theatres.

The panels are pieces of art fully integrated into their environment, rather than simply looking like a retro-fit acoustic solution. The university and the architect are extremely satisfied and plan to use Akusto wall panels in future refurbishments.

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